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Laura  Davis

Studio 2
2781 Devils Gulch Rd
Estes Park, CO  80517

Photography, Biophilic Collage, Abstraction, Mandalas, Portals


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Beauty is hidden in plain sight. My work is a joyful interpretation of the divine details which surround us. Reflections in dewdrops, peeling paint, beetle paths, wood grain, and patterns in natural or human-made structures are captured and highlighted by my lens.

Abstraction surrounds us, in exquisite compositions, with symmetrical or asymmetrical balance, fractal patterns, spirals, flower petals following Fibonacci sequence, Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio.


The act of creating leads to stories: beetle’s lairs, walls, and creative practice, The Beetle’s Way.  Biophilic collage, tangled with Celtic knots. Mirrored photographs become mandalas. Compositions are created by the simple act of framing, or by detailed, organic journeys through line, shape, form, color and texture. 


I look forward to showing you my studio and talking to you about my art making processes. There will be lots of work available to purchase, in a broad range of media such as framed wall art, jigsaw puzzles, note cards, art printed on fabric items, wearables like lounger pants and yoga mats.

My studio is easily accessed off of the intersection of H Bar G and Devils Gulch Rd, with plenty of parking. The space is a second story walk up.


Examples of My Work

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