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RaDean  Mynatt

Studio 12
1711 Windham Lane
Estes Park, CO  80517

Mixed Media, Oil Paintings, Acrylic, Prints, Hand Embellished Prints


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Under my business name, Memiki Art, I have defined a focus on painting in acrylic and mixed media working within a large format for my original pieces while also offering fine art prints and other printed merchandise including note cards.

My pieces are created solely by hand, quickly sketching my composition directly onto my surface followed by several layers of colored pigment in various mediums. I am most inspired by earthy textures that can be felt as well as seen while often adding metallics, rusts and glazes for even more visual interest. I strive to maintain a tasteful balance of creativity as well as presenting a piece of art that is not only pleasant to observe but also serves the imagination of the viewer.

Examples of My Work

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