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Leah Simmons DeCapio

Studio 3
1231 Chasm Drive
Estes Park, CO  80517

Carved Ceramic Items


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Our one-of-a-kind piece of ceramic art is handmade by Leah & Scott DeCapio. Each piece is first shaped on a potter’s wheel or by hand by Scott. Leah then paints the entire piece black and carves the designs into the clay. Each piece is an original, no stencils are used! From here, the piece goes through a series of firings. Our studio is solar powered too! 

All of our functional work is food-safe. We believe in the importance of adding beauty to everyday simple acts–like a cup of coffee. Our hands are reaching out to touch yours, and that adds a bit more reverence to all of our moments! 

Leah Simmons DeCapio has made art all of her life. She received a Studio Arts Degree (with an emphasis in Ceramics) and an Anthropology Degree from the University of Colorado. Today, she lives and creates in the mountains of Colorado. Her work is inspired by the beauty and patterns of nature around her.

Scott DeCapio is a self-taught potter. His educational background is in Biology, from Johnson State in Vermont. His passion for the mountains has taken him on multiple expeditions to Alaska and places as far away as Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan. 


Examples of My Work

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