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Jerry  Allison

Studio 6
1070 Crestview Ct, Unit #2
Estes Park, CO  80517

On the Nature Morte Photographs

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I do fine art photography and mixed media work. My philosophy of life and of art-making can be summed up in three words: BE HERE NOW. By that I mean, try to always be present, to pay attention to the immediate environment, to not be distracted from the “what is” by the constant input stream from the media and consumer culture.

I will show more work from the Nature Morte photographs. These are arrangements of the bones of wild animals. They first presented themselves to me while off-trail hiking and scrambling in search of undocumented ruins and rock art left behind by the Old Ones. The bones called out to me to be seen, noticed, honored. I have done my best to fulfill their desire.

I will also show, for the first time as a group, a series called Ordinary Poetry. These are things in the environment that might be overlooked, passed by without notice, but to me are part of the magic of the everyday. Like the bones, these choose me. Something in the setting, the light, the composition, calls out to me. Through the magic of photography these fleeting moments are captured. I will be showing images from Colorado (including Estes Park), from Rome, Italy and Kyoto and Kobe, Japan.

Old Man Coyote will also make an appearance. Come and see.

Examples of My Work

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