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James  Biggers

Studio 7
1550 Spur Lane
Estes Park, CO  80517

Oil Paintings


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Recently, I have been waking up before light. Even though I am looking at the same landscape as the previous day it gives me a new vision as the scene appears on the landscape. I never get the same vision, it is changing every day. The early morning experience has given me a new vision and permission to change my compositions allowing me to search for the heart of the painting. 

James graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree before moving to Colorado where he now resides and pursues his passion for painting. A strong sense of design that is evident in his paintings was developed during his work as a graphic artist.

Biggers discovered,” at some point you have to put something of yourself into your work, without this element you will never have a great painting. Design and the subject may attract people to you painting, heart is what keeps them there.” The best way to capture the heart of a subject is to paint from life and to continually search for new subject matter. Extensive travel has fed this desire.

“Capturing a frozen moment in time with great emotion is what we do as artists.”


Examples of My Work

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